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Rural Electrician In Murray Bridge Surrounds

Rural Electricians in the Murray Lands and surrounds

We can deal with center pivots, generators and irrigation pumps as well as packing sheds and grading machines. We work on Dairies, Piggeries and Chicken Farms.

Travelling is not a problem as some places are out of the way but we will come to you when you need us.

We can supply and Install Variable Speed Drives to operate with PID control for single pump or multi pump installations which not only saves you money by reducing the speed of the pump when not required but also has a power factor correction built in which makes your motors more efficient. We can also supply and install Soft Starters which will put less strain on the power grid and your motors when starting, giving less wear and tear on your moving parts.

At Murray Mega Electrical we strive to supply the Customer with a service and try to get to breakdowns and power outages ASAP. Sometimes this means we have to put other jobs off but we make breakdowns a priority and try to have the lease amount of down time possible to keep the customer as productive as possible. We are also available after hours and strive to meet any electrical emergency that may be needed.

Murray Mega Electrical has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety. We have experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Murray Mega Electrical we only source Electrical items from reputable Electrical Wholesalers or established Australian Distributors so that we can have insurances and warranties in place to give the customer and ourselves peace of mind that they meet all the appropriate Australian Standards.

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