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Industrial Services

Industrial Electrical for Murray Bridge and surrounds including Tailem Bend and Mannum.

We offer ourselves as standby Industrial Electrician’s should a problem arise that needs to be acted on ASAP

Do you need an extra Electrician for a short period to help your existing staff or for a longer period to help with a new project or simply just need an Industrial Electrician for a few hours per week to keep up with maintenance?

We offer a 24/7 service.

Power Factor Correction Units are great way of reducing Customer power bills if they have an Inductive Load. Most Industrial applications have an Inductive load which is generally caused by electric motors and causes the current to lag behind the voltage. This causes the KW (kilowatts) used to be greater than it needs be so with the use of a Power Factor Correction Unit, the power factor can be corrected (usually with the aid of capacitors) which reduces the amount of KW used therefore reducing their power bill. A properly install Power Factor Correction unit will pay for itself in under 2 years and will also help make the motors run more efficiently as less current is going through your power meter therefore giving you a cost saving in your Electricity Bill.

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