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Mega Electrical are a commercial electrician for Murray Bridge and surrounding areas.

Power Factor Correction Units are great way of reducing Customer power bills if they have an Inductive Load. Most Industrial applications have an Inductive load which is generally caused by electric motors and causes the current to lag behind the voltage. This causes the KW (kilowatts) used to be greater than it needs be so with the use of a Power Factor Correction Unit, the power factor can be corrected (usually with the aid of capacitors) which reduces the amount of KW used therefore reducing their power bill. A properly install Power Factor Correction unit will pay for itself in under 2 years and will also help make the motors run more efficiently as less current is going through the motor which will also make them run a bit cooler.

A VSD or Variable Speed Drive for motors also has the benefit of correcting the Power Factor as well as helping to protect the motor. In an irrigation application a VSD can be set up using a pressure transducer which monitors the pressure and controls the pump to keep an even pressure. When set up correctly the pump will not have to run so fast thus reducing the amount of KW it is using. Putting these two things together, the Customer can have some significant cost savings in their power bill. A VSD does come at a greater cost than a Soft Starter or a Star Delta starter but then again they will pay for themselves over time (like solar panels come at a high initial cost but pay for themselves over time).

At Murray Mega Electrical we strive to supply the Customer with a service and try to get to breakdowns and power outages ASAP. Sometimes this means we have to put other jobs off but we make breakdowns a priority and try to have the lease amount of down time possible to keep the customer as productive as possible. We are also available after hours and strive to meet any electrical emergency that may be needed.

We strive to keep up to date with the latest developments and have a good team and resources behind us that can get the Customers almost anything they wish.

We can help build a factory from the ground up or just help keep it running from power and lighting to automated processes.


Here at Murray Mega Electrical we only source Electrical items from reputable Electrical Wholesalers or established Australian Distributors so that we can have insurances and warranties in place to give the customer and ourselves peace of mind that they meet all the appropriate Australian Standards.

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